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We’re glad you asked. Creative freedom and zero micromanagement – this we promise. You will also have multiple training opportunities. You’ll have a stable income. You’ll awaken or groom your inner entrepreneur. And, you’ll be working on a diverse portfolio, and with the brightest minds, that only India’s largest design platform can offer.

We’re like a good salad - a design company, driven by an integrated tech platform with a strong supply chain.

We sure are. Though not small anymore, we focus on staying healthy and getting bigger. We’re expanding across the top 10 to 15 knowledge cities in India. And we’re taking definitive steps to set foot in APAC nations and the Middle East.

All employees at Homecraft enjoy a cross-functional and holistic experience. Any employee who wants to switch roles internally can surely do. Of course, vacancy and skill fitment does play a role.

Think of it like this - we’ve got plenty of sunshine, water and good soil. And we’d love for you to grow. Nothing can stop you if you choose to. :)

We’re like acrobats - flexible. We focus on getting things done as opposed to clocking in and clocking out. In general, 5 days a week. There can be exceptions though based on the team you are working in.

Sure. We believe in an open and honest work culture where everyone is given the autonomy to contribute and do their life’s best work.

Good question. We love our holidays. Well, who doesn’t? 12 public holidays, 15 privilege leaves and 12 sick leaves a calendar year. You also get maternity/paternity and bereavement leaves.

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